Email Marketing Tips and Tricks with Constant Contact

As a team, Upbeat Marketing has been working with Constant Contact for over 10 years. We’ve learned the ins and outs, ups and downs and recently a couple of tricks that have helped make our campaigns more successful. So successful, in fact that we were named a Constant Contact All Star in 2011. We take great pride in producing excellent newsletters and clickable content for our clients, and hope you can implement these tricks in your next email communication.

Subject Lines are the first thing your customers see before they read your email. Make them count. Keep them under 45 characters including spaces. You will also want to keep punctuation to a minimum, especially question marks and exclamation points that are often caught by spam filters and sent to junk mail folders. Use active, engaging language, but stay away from words like “FREE”, “thank you”, “need” and “solutions” – your email will be headed to the junk folder before it’s even opened.

Timing is everything. We recently learned in Hubspot’s The Science of Email Marketing seminar that Tuesdays have the highest unsubscribe rate of any day of the week. Saturdays have high open and click-through rates, and evenings are better than mid-morning or afternoon times for B2C companies since customers are more likely to wait until they get home to read through their personal emails.

Contact Lists need ongoing monitoring and care. When uploading new contacts, ask yourself three questions: How are my clients signing up? How old is my list? Have I emailed to this list before? Scrub your lists thoroughly removing any “admin@”, “info@” or “” type email addresses. Constant Contact will not send email communications to these addresses, and you could end up with a hold on your account if you have too many of them. Always manage your bounces after each communication by moving bounced addresses to a “Do Not Send” list or removing them from your contacts.

Segmenting is the key to engagement and high click-throughs. Our recommendation is to segment your lists by date and interest. Keeping lists organized in these categories will help you manage bounces and target your mailings to the best, most engaged audience.

Sign-up opportunities need to be obvious. Constant Contact has free widgets you can add to every page of your website (especially where customers are filling out online forms) and a “Join Our List” app for your Facebook page. You can also add a sign-up call to action in your email communications and email signature. Another tip is to enable the “Social Sharing” permission so your subscribers can share your communications through their social networks, and be sure to link your business social media to your communications so each time you send out a communication it is posted in your business social media. Lastly, take a clip-board wherever you go and encourage people you come in contact with to sign up.

Permissions are always a good idea. Reminding subscribers why they are receiving the email and giving them the option to unsubscribe at any time is a best practice and shows your customers you care.

Stuck in the middle of a paragraph and can’t get the formatting to work? Can’t line up an image with your copy the way you want it? Need help with defaults? Constant Contact is there for you! Call their 800 number and they will guide you through any troubles you are having.

As are we! We manage email campaigns for several of our clients and can help you start a brand new campaign, refresh an old one or simply provide engaging new copy. Contact Upbeat Marketing today to learn more about our services at or 512.222.7141.

Happy Emailing!
Sarah Holick
Senior Account Manager


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