Blogging for SEO Success

Google continues to update its criteria for landing those coveted spots in the top search results, but we can all agree that ultimately what Google is looking for is great and original content.  With this “fact” in mind, it can yield dividends to create a company blog or industry blog.  We know many small to mid-sized businesses still avoid starting a blog for a number of reasons, but if you truly want to compete…it must be done.  It will require some work and intentionality, but we promise it will pay off.

The top three SEO-related reasons we recommend blogging:

  1. Google loves to feature content that is fresh, and their algorithms are set to feature sites that regularly update their content.
  2. It will give your audience an opportunity to interact with you.  User interaction is one of the top factors that Google algorithms use to determine top ranking sites.
  3. It will help you rank in the Blog Search as well as in regular keyword search results, which will provide you with more exposure!

Click Here to learn more about the how’s, what’s, and why’s of blogging to “enhance local SEO” from SEO Enthusiast, Chris Silver Smith. Enjoy!

You can also read through our previous posts “Why Should I have a Blog?” and “Calling All Content” for some effective time-saving techniques and content-writing tips!

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Your SEO Specialist,
Seth Kuhn


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