Kissing Cousins Continued: SEO and PR

UM_SEO-PR2So, I’ve seen this question come up quite a bit in recently: “How are PR and SEO related?” I think it’s a fair question. So I’ll endeavor an answer.

When we talk about Search Engine Optimization, we’re talking about a website, its pages and how those pages appear to the search engines, specifically Google.

When we talk about Public Relations, we’re usually talking about a business and how it appears to the public. In PR we work to build relationships and promote a positive public image, both with the goal of garnering attention from entities of influence around the world. We submit press releases hoping the media finds the topic interesting enough or newsworthy to cover and report to their audience. In many ways, we’re seeking endorsements.

A significant part of SEO is very similar to the endorsements and attention that we seek in PR. In working to get a website to rank higher on the search engines, we work to build links. We look for sites like directories, blogs and online magazines or other sites of influence and high reputation that might link back to our site. Once we’ve secured a link on those websites, they have effectively “endorsed” our website.
As you can see SEO and PR share similar action items. Another example is the function of a press release. A well written release benefits a PR professional when it gets covered by publications and gains attention and exposure for the company. That same press release is equally beneficial to the SEO professional who benefits when publications and websites publish online articles that link back to the company’s website.

These days in SEO, it’s also important to seek endorsements on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Read our post SEO and Social Media – Kissing Cousins for a better understanding. As search engines like Google look to see who is significant and relevant, they now evaluate if you have influence on these social sites in addition to who is linking to you.

So whether your job description involves promoting your website on the internet or your company in your community, it is imperative that you build relationships, seek endorsements, links, reviews and look to be relevant with fresh and interesting content.

Are SEO and PR related? Yes. Let’s call ‘em kissing cousins.

Upbeat Marketing can help you execute campaigns from grassroots PR to #1 Rankings on Google through our strategic PR & SEO and plans. Learn more about our campaigns and clients on our website or by calling 512-222-7141.

Seth Kuhn
Online Marketing Specialist

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