Yahoo Acquires Tumblr and Revamps Flickr: What Does This Mean for You?


Earlier this week Yahoo purchased Tumblr, the social media and blogging network for $1.1 billion dollars. Also this week, Yahoo released a new interface and overall look for Flickr, the photo sharing website. This is definitely a big week for Yahoo, but what does it mean for its users? And if you don’t already use these sites, should you? In this blog post, we will look at both Tumblr and Flickr to see how these sites could help your business and even your personal work.

A General Overview:


Tumblr is a social media network or blogging network. It is made up of over 108 million blogs. When you use Tumblr you can post your own blog, follow other blogs, reblog them (or reshare them) and click a heart icon to like them. It has become an online hangout for younger audiences due to its ad-free nature.  And to be honest Tumblr is quite fun to use.

Flickr is an image hosting and video hosting website, web services suite and online community. If you want a place to store your company’s images for people to view, Flickr is perfect. The main reason is that you can join groups and tag your images for people to easily find them through Google and Flickr search results. Flickr is great for your personal and/or family photography, too.

Should you use these services?

Tumblr had 184 million unique visitors and 12.1 billion pageviews last month according to Quantcast. Tumblr has also outperformed Facebook and Yahoo on mobile devices in terms of views. A business should use Tumblr if their target audience is younger (say ages 16-30) and there is something visual about the business. Think: food, architecture, design, photography, etc. The options are limitless, and connecting with an audience to your product or your taste in products can go a long way to gaining trust.

Now that Flickr has a new interface which basically is more photo-centric, the website really makes the images stand out and “pop”. We should all be using Flickr for our businesses and personal lives. The interface is more appealing and professional looking than Facebook’s. Another reason to use Flickr is with the release of the new interface this week, Flickr is offering a terabyte of free space to all users which is the equivalent of shooting half a million photos using your iphone or a 6.5-megapixel camera. It’s hard to beat that!

In Conclusion:

Yahoo is making big strides to connect with younger users who use Tumblr. The purchase of Tumblr is not dissimilar to Facebook’s purchase of Instagram. Both Tumblr and Instagram don’t actually make a substantial amount of revenue primarily because both services don’t feature advertisements. The present day culture admires this no-ad stance, and it is the general appeal of Tumblr. Time will tell if Yahoo decides to start featuring advertisements on Tumblr. The overall feeling is that Tumblr will work autonomously to retain its original appeal and grow its base even more. We’ll just have to wait and see if advertisements start popping up, but this shouldn’t stop you from utilizing Tumblr and Flickr to better connect with potential customers.

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