Connect with Your Customers and Show Them You Care

Today, companies are investing countless dollars into marketing and advertising efforts to stay afloat and experience success in this market. However, a campaign can fall short simply because the company hasn’t left space for customer connection.

Customers want to connect with their favorite brands – and brands often become a favorite by doing just that. Below are four ways that your company can show your customers you care, and hopefully soon you will find yourself on the top of their favorite brands list!


1. Hear Them – Listen to your customers and engage them through social media

There are more tools available than ever to help you engage your customers and learn directly from them about their needs and wants – but, are you using them to listen or just to talk?

Listening to your customers will not only show you care, but it will also provide you with valuable information on how you can keep them engaged with your brand. A new way companies have successfully used social media to connect to their customers is through Google +. Consider holding a standing Google Hangout to hear from your customers and answer their questions and concerns directly. Google Hangouts allow up to 15 people to communicate at once and they can be viewed by an unlimited amount of people live. Then, you can share the chat through YouTube to connect with your customers who missed the live feed.

2. Reward Them – Show your customers that you appreciate them

Companies that make it a habit to recognize and reward their loyal customers are investing in one of the most profitable business strategies out there. Many studies reveal that when a customer is recognized and rewarded they will spend more money with the company and are more likely to tell their friends about their positive experience.

Loyalty programs that solely reward customers for their purchases made are dated. Today, companies are also rewarding their customers for non-purchase interactions like online engagement. They have rightly recognized the power of word of mouth marketing to increase revenue.

3. Thank Them – Tell your customers that you appreciate them

Get old-fashioned on your customers and drop by for an in-person visit or write a handwritten thank you card to show your appreciation. Don’t bother getting a hand cramp writing a ton of generic thank you cards, they won’t mean that much. Instead, make your thank you cards personal to them and to take it a step further you can even add a small personal gift. For example, if you know one of your customers just lost her mother to breast cancer, make a donation in her name to Susan G. Komen.

4. Connect Them – Connect your customers to potential clients and peers

Connecting your customers to potential clients, peers and industry influencers is a great way to enhance your personal connection. This communicates that you believe in what they are doing and that you take a personal interest in their success. If it results in them taking a personal interest in your success, that is just icing on the cake!

Upbeat Marketing would love to give you more insights to build stronger relationships with your clients. Give us a call at 512-222-4171.

Thanks for reading!

Lauren Perkins

Account Manager


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Austin, TX Founder of Upbeat Marketing
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